SAT and SAT Subject tests (in English)

SAT includes a Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and a Math Test. The SAT has an optional essay component. See the key features. The total time taking SAT (critical reading skills, math and writing skills) is 180 minutes + 50 min Essay (optional). You can’t take the SAT and an SAT Subject Test on the same day.

SAT-related Coronavirus updates by Collegeboard

International SAT test dates 2020-21 (final day to sign up):
fall 2020: 29.8. (31.7.), *26.9. (26.8.)*, 3.10. (4.9.) and 5.12. (5.11.)
spring 2021: 13.3. (12.2.) and 8.5. (8.4.)

*September’s test day will be confirmed over summer.

SAT Subject: there are 20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas (English, history, languages, mathematics and science, see the Subjects.)Each Subject Test is an hour long. You can take one, two, or three Subject Tests on any test date. You can’t take the SAT and an SAT Subject Test on the same day.

International SAT Subject test dates 2020-21 (final day to sign up)
fall 2020: 29.8. (31.7.), 3.10. (4.9.), 7.11. (n/a) and 5.12. (5.11.)
spring 2021: 8.5. (8.4.) and 5.6. (n/a)

Please note that the SAT and SAT Subject test dates can be full before the final deadline to sign up. Especially  the May and December test dates are often booked full early.  If you know that you definitely have to do the test in May or December, please sign up early.

Sign up at Collegeboard website
To sign up for SAT and SAT Subject test, you need to register at Payment by credit card only (no Visa Electron). Cash is not accepted as a payment.

If you did not have time to register
If you are under 21 years, you may sign up for waitlist status. More information at Collegeboard website.

The test site
The SAT and SAT Subject test are held in two different locations during the 2020-21 semester:
Perho Liiketalousopisto (Perhonkatu 11, Helsinki) and Aalto University Otaniemi campus /Kandidaattikeskus (Otakaari 1 F, Espoo).
– Regardless of the location, you need to be at the location on the test day at 7.45.
– Please note when you register, that the International School of Helsinki also organizes SAT tests. Their test location is neither Aalto University nor Perho, but Selkämerenkatu 11.

Test fees
– SAT $52 / SAT with Essay $68 + international registration fee $49
– SAT Subject Test: $75 (=Basic Subject Test fee $26, international registration fee $49) + $22 per each subject / $26 languages with listening
– Waitlist fee $53

Test day
Be at the location at 7.45. If you are late (arriving after 8.00), you will not be able to participate on the test.  Please bring with you your admission ticket printed from the Collegeboard website, valid photo ID, pen and eraser and a calculator (if you are participating in the math test).

Please be aware that the preparation for the test will take some time. Event that you have to be at the test location at 7.45, the actual test will begin closer to 9.00. Also please note that during the SAT test there will be some short breaks that are not included into the total test time.

For more information about SAT and SAT Subject tests in Finland please contact Please note that test places Aalto University or Perho do not answer SAT test related questions.